Student Academic Standing and Student Records

Academic Standing

A written notification of withdrawal must be directed to Protege School Registrar's office either by mail or in person. Fee refund will be made where is applicable. Not attending class and/or verbally notification to the Instructors or School staff is not acceptable. Failure to officially withdrawing your study will result a failing grade.

There are four different kinds of academic standing for full-time student: In Good Standing; On Probation; On Suspension; Refusal of Further Registration.

Academic standing is assessed on half-way thought for program less than 12-months and every 6 months for program longer than 12 months.

Note: Students who have not achieved the program final standing of average 70% passing mark and the required program course credits will have a status of "Not Assessed".(NA)


In Good Standing

Students are on Good Standing status must not be On Probation, Suspension and/or Refusal of Further Registration; these terms are explained below:

Probation; Suspension; Refusal of Further Registration

The following regulations apply to all full-time students

  1. A student shall be on academic probation who
    • has been absent for more than 15% of his/her classes for the consecutive of a period of 3 months and is unable to make up the training hours in a reasonable frame of time.
    • returns from suspension.
  2. A student who at the time of his or her Academic standing review and assessment during which he or she is on probation
    • has completed 85% or more of the training hours shall be in good standing
    • has completed less than 85% but more than 70% of the required training hours shall continue on probation.
    • has completed less than 70% and failed more than two attempts to make up the training hours in a reasonable given time frame shall be suspended for a 3-months period; if the student has been suspended previously, in which case he or she shall be suspended for minimum of one calendar year.
  3. A student who, having been suspended for one calendar year twice previously, and is again liable for third time suspension shall be refused for any further registration.


Student Records

Protege School maintain its student records, the records outlined below,  records are update on a daily basis when necessary.

Student Contract

A signed Student Contract.


Documents for Admission requirements

  • Ontario Secondary Diploma or equivalent; or admission assessments tests
  • Proof of Canadian resident status such as Driver License ; valid passport and Social Insurance Number
  • Proof of Previous Educations
  • Health Status report  from licensed physician for TB testing; proof of immunization status; free of communicable disease
  • Criminal background check for Massage Therapy Student


Mailing Address

Changes of the address information (mailing and permanent) must be updated at College Registrar's Office. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the mailing address is kept up-to-date.


E-Mail Address

Student should provide an email address at the College's Registrar Office.


Telephone Number

Student  must provide and update any change of his/her and next to kin contact  numbers at the College's Registrar Office to facilitate them to contact the student for any matters related to student's study and/or in the event of emergency.


Student Card

The Student Card is a wallet-sized card bearing the student's photograph, and serves as evidence of registration in the College and as a library card. It is used for identification purposes within the College. The loss of the card must be reported promptly to the College Registrar. There is a fee for the replacement of lost cards.



Student attendance records are update on the daily


Dispute, Complaint and Grade Appeal

Documents and or evidence pertaining to any student complaint, dispute, and grade appeal will be kept in student file. A meeting/call log is recorded on all commination between student and college's representatives.


Statement of Results

Protege School does not mail Statements of Results to students in good standing. Students will be able to check their results, grade point averages, and academic status by accessing with their instructors and/or with the Student Service office. Students not in good standing (i.e. on probation, or suspended, or refusal of further registration) will receive notification in writing by surface mail.



Grade detailed report of student is available in file if student request to review the results.

The transcript of a student's record reports their complete registration history at the College  including courses in progress and the standing in all courses attempted along with course average, information about the student's academic status.

Copies of the transcript are issued at the student's request. In accordance with the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005, student who requests a copy of his/her Official transcript to be mailed to a third party must make the request in writing with student signature in person, by fax or by mail. A fee will be applied.

A copy of every student's transcript is kept in accordance with Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 at the campus and Protege also kept copy of every student 's transcript that is located at a place that is physically separate from the campus.

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