Student Complaint Policy and Procedures 

Protege School is committed to the prompt and equitable resolution of student conflict issues to the satisfaction of both the student and the Collage. The student complaint procedure is designed to provide students with a formal process whereby a student may request the review and resolution of a concern if satisfactory resolution has not been reached by way of the daily problem-solving activities between staff and students. The student has the right to present his/her case and be accompanied, at all times during the process, by an individual of his/her choice. In addition, the student can ask the individual who accompanies him/her to present the case on his/her behalf.  All original copy of the records pertaining to the student complaints will be kept in the student file and a second copy is to be kept in the School complaint binder for three (3) years from the date of the decision made.


Procedure of Policy

Students are encouraged to address any concerns immediately, please do not let a minor problem develop into a major one. Should you have any concerns or problems during your training period, we encourage you to discuss them promptly with the staff members directly involved. Should the resolution to your issue require further involvement, a meeting will be arranged with the Academic Coordinator and or Manager as part of the College's formal complaint Policy.

  1. In the case where the student is unable to achieve a satisfactory resolution using the informal direct discussion approach recommended above, the student can request that a formal complaint procedure be launched. To do so, a student must complete and sign an original Student Complaint Form, recording his/her concerns and documenting the students desired resolution. The student must submit the original form and one signed copy to the Academic Coordinator and or Manager, who will keep the original copy in the students academic file and return a copy to the student.
  2. The Academic Coordinator and or Manager will arrange to meet with the student within a reasonable time period (5 business days) of the date of the written complaint was filed. If as a result of the meeting, the student and the College representative decide to implement a mutually agreed resolution plan, then that reasons of decisions and a description of the resolution plan must be recorded in writing by the College representative.An original signed copy of the meeting contents including reasons, decision, and resolution plan will be provided to the student.
  3. If the student and the College representative reach a mutually agreed to resolution then the plan must be implemented and the Academic Coordinator and or Manager must follow up to ensure the resolution plan satisfactory resolves the concern.

Upon mutually satisfactory resolution of the student concern, the Academic Coordinator and/or Manager will meet briefly with the student to close the concern and record confirmation that the concern has been satisfactorily resolved.


Review Process

Where a students concern has arisen that could not be resolved to the student's satisfaction as to the above procedures:

  1. The College Administrator will call a meeting of the Education Committee to investigate the students concern and meet with the student within a reasonable time period (5 business days) of the request for a review the proposed resolution.
  2. The education committee will follow it's policy as describe in the Academic policies
  3. The student will be given a copy of the student complaint form. The original signed copy of the student complaint form will be retained in the student's academic file.
  4. Original signed copy of the written statement includes reasons of the decisions and a description of the resolution plan will be given student.
  5. If the student is not satisfied with the decision after the review process, he/she can file a complaint with the Superintendent of Career Colleges using PARIS, the ministry’s new automated system, provided the student is attending a program approved under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

    First, please go to this website  A guide for creating a student user account is available at the following URL:  

     You will need to Register as a new PARIS user, upon completion of the registration, an email will be sent to you at the email address provided with a temporary password. Please log in to PARIS system to complete all the necessary steps required. At that time, PARIS will confirm that you have completed the student complaint procedure at the career college you are attending. If you haven’t, you will need to do so before the ministry can address your concerns.

     If you have completed the complaint procedure at the campus level, PARIS will move you forward and will prompt you to fill in information about the career college you attended, the program and will give you space to describe your complaint and upload supporting documents. Once you sign the declaration and consent, you will be able to submit your complaint and you will be contacted by an inspector who will review the documents and advise you on next steps.

     A guide for submission of student complaints can be found at the following URL in case you need any additional assistance in lodging your complaint

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