Student expulsion policy

Protege School is committed to the prompt and equitable resolution of student conflict issues to the satisfaction of both the student and the Collage. The student complaint procedure is designed to provide students with a formal process whereby a student may request the review and resolution of a concern if satisfactory resolution has not been reached by way of the daily problem-solving activities between staff and students. The student has the right to present his/her case and be accompanied, at all times during the process, by an individual of his/her choice. In addition, the student can ask the individual who accompanies him/her to present the case on his/her behalf.  All original copy of the records pertaining to the student complaints will be kept in the student file and a second copy is to be kept in the School complaint binder for three (3) years from the date of the decision made.



Protégé College is committed to providing an educational environment that allows students to successfully complete their programs. This policy outlines the procedures for handling student misconduct and the conditions under which a student may be expelled to ensure fairness and equity.



This policy applies to all students enrolled in any program at Protégé College. It covers various grounds for expulsion, the steps leading up to expulsion, notification procedures, appeals, and the responsibilities of expelled students regarding college property and fees.



General Approach

  • Protégé College prioritizes resolving issues without expulsion when possible.
  • Intermediate steps, such as verbal and written warnings, probation, and suspension, may precede expulsion.
  • Expulsion may be immediate if the safety or well-being of the college community is at risk.

Grounds for Expulsion

  • Breach of Academic Policies and Code of Conduct: Violations of college policies, including substance abuse or possession of weapons, can lead to immediate expulsion.
  • Academic Dishonesty: Actions such as cheating, plagiarism, and misrepresentation can result in expulsion.
  • Outstanding Fees: Failure to pay overdue accounts after a written warning may result in expulsion.
  • Significant Omissions or Errors in Admissions Documentation: Misrepresentation in admissions documentation can lead to immediate expulsion.
  • Academic Failure: Failing to meet academic standards may result in expulsion, with possible alternatives offered at the college's discretion.
  • Attendance: Not meeting attendance requirements as stated in the Student Handbook can result in expulsion.
  • Harassment or Discrimination: Involvement in harassment or discrimination may lead to immediate suspension or expulsion following an investigation.
  • Misuse of College Property: Damage, misuse, or theft of college property can result in expulsion and restitution.
  • Endangerment of Staff or Students: Any action or neglect that endangers safety may lead to expulsion.

Intermediate Steps Prior to Expulsion

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Probation and/or suspension
  • Expulsion

Notification of Expulsion

  • Students will be notified in writing, either in-person or by registered mail, about the expulsion and its basis.
  • The notification will include the effective date of expulsion.

Appeals Process

  • Expelled students can appeal the decision in writing within one week following the college's student complaint procedure.
  • If the appeal is upheld, the student will be reinstated, and arrangements will be made to make up missed training time.
  • Further appeals can be made through the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities if the student is enrolled in a program approved under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Fees and Settlement

  • The settlement of accounts for expelled students will follow the College’s Fee Refund Policy, using the expulsion date as the final day of attendance.

Return of College Property

  • Expelled students must return any college property within 10 days of expulsion and will be held financially responsible for any property not returned in good condition.

This revised expulsion policy ensures that students are aware of the procedures and conditions under which expulsion may occur, promoting a fair and equitable educational environment at Protégé School.

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