Preparing for Your Arrival

Make sure you have all that you need for your arrival in Canada.


Important documents

  • valid passport, study permit, visa, and letter of Acceptance from Protege.
  • Address of your chosen accommodation in Canada.
  • Other important items: Cash (if you are planning to carry more than CAD$10,1000, you must declare to the CBSA,  failure to report will result in penalties, seizure and/or prosecution; Credit Cards; Immunization and Medical reports (must be in English or French or certified translated); at least one more piece of your Identification other than of your passport; Driver's licence/International Driver's Licence and Insurance record (if you plan to drive and/or bring your car into Canada).



You need to bring appropriate clothing for Canadian cold and warm weathers. Fall and Winter temperatures range from 15C (60F) to 25C (80F); Fall and Winter Temperatures are usually slight below freezing, but December to February are the coldest months in most parts of Canada, temperatures can drop to way below freezing.



  • You are not allowed to bring any food into Canada
  • If you are planning to bring valuable goods such as electronic items, car, into Canada, make a list of these goods with their serial number, model, make and the approximate value in Canadian funds.
  • For more information about Canada Customs, please visit Canada Border Services Agency


Electrical Appliance

In Canada, our electrical systems operate at 110 volts and 60 Hz with most appliances have Three-pin plug and some North America standard two-pin plug. You may need to purchase an converter in order to be able to use the electrical appliance you brought in.

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