Become a member of Protégé School’s Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committees (PAC) help maintain curriculum quality, as well as student and graduate success. By becoming a part of Protégé’s PAC, you can help to ensure Protégé School's quality assurance for our post-secondary programs. Each individual program has its own Advisory Committee, consisting of employers, graduates, business and industry leaders.

The Program Advisory Committees play a “real life” role in the development of new programs and the monitoring of existing programs. Program advisory committees represent a critical resource in ensuring the relevancy and application of college programs. This committee allows our school to meet the needs of our student’s future employers as well as prepare us for the changing trends in our industries.




Your active participation can

  • Help maintain the quality and reputation of our programs
  • Assist with our graduates being well prepared to enter the workforce
  • Enhance student learning and satisfaction
  • Support our programs with relevant learning and training beneficial to industry practice, and
  • Connect your company or organization with Protege students and graduates.

PAC members may also benefit from serving on a PAC through the expansion of professional experience, networking with colleagues, exchange of knowledge, etc.

We understand your time is valuable and strive to keep our meetings to two per year and 3 hours or less each time. We may communicate by email throughout the year if necessary. BECOME A PAC MEMBER TODAY!

If you are interested in becoming a Program Advisory Committee member, please email

Protégé School is truly grateful for the time Program Advisory Committee members invest in our program development. Their continued support is key in enabling us to stay current with the ongoing changes in the various industries. Thank you!

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