Medical Esthetics


  • Tuition: $14,880  ($16,880 w.e.f. August 1st, 2024)
  • Duration: 67 weeks
  • Books: $690
  • Level of study: Diploma
  • Other Fees: $2,750  ($3,050 w.e.f. August 1st, 2024)

Students of The Medical Esthetics Program will look at the evolution of the esthetics industry and will appreciate the need for advanced education as it leads to a variety of employment opportunities. They will be able to discuss and use critical thinking in choosing safe and effective treatment(s) as it applies to the various skin condition(s). The student will specialize in common laser/light therapies and will be familiarized with the latest technology and its contraindications. They will be introduced to pharmacology and nutrition. Finally, the student will have a vast comprehension of medical interventions such as Botox and the basic procedures of plastic surgery.



Skin Care

Basic, intermediate, and advanced facial techniques. Introduction to IPL, Laser and Medical esthetics.



Anatomy, physiology, disorder, and disease.Product knowledge and public health.


Manicure / Pedicure

The art of manicures, pedicures, hand and foot treatments.


Nail Extension

Nail art, tips, mends, 3D art, acrylic, fiberglass, and gel nail.


Hair Removal

Professional methods of waxing, including Brazilian. Lash and brow tinting.



Fundamentals of make-up, bridal-concepts, hair up-do, eyelash extension.


Aroma-therapy Facial

Complementing the art of skincare with aromatherapy.


Advanced Body Care

European and Asian Techniques.


Aroma-therapy Body Care

The latest in body care combined with essential oils.


Esthetics in a Medical Setting

Medical Terminology, Nutrition, Medical Setting.


Medical Esthetics IPL

Radio Frequency, Infra-Red, Vascular and Pigmented lesions, Inflammatory Acne, Skin rejuvenation, and Permanent Hair Reduction.


Medical Esthetics Laser

Skin Resurfacing and Tattoo removal



Eyebrow Mapping, strokes and corrective techniques


Business and Retail Management

Retail sales, setting up a business, profitable display, management.

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